About Our Dealership

Blitz began in 2011 with two brothers and a dream. Travis and Derek Rinehart grew up around motorsports, worked in dealerships, and owned a small parts shop before taking the opportunity to bring Yamaha powersports back to the Gallatin Valley. The brothers' vision was to have a small, manageable shop that supported the local motorsports industry and was known for its friendly customer service. After a few successful years, they brought on BetaUSA products- a brand quickly becoming popular with the off-road and trials crowd- and increased the engagement of females entering the sport by being a huge promoter and supporter of Montana Women on Wheels Recreational Riders.

After nine years of ownership, they have handed over the reins to the Streich Family. Ryan and Lisa Streich come from a multi-generation of people engaging in powersports for both recreation and agricultural use. Ryan and Lisa are passionate about continuing the reputation that Blitz has created, helping more people enter the sport, and supporting individuals and businesses that use our products occupationally. While the Streich Family has taken over many of the operations, you can still find the Rinehart brothers around throughout the week, so come on in and see what our Blitz family can help you with!